Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Recruiting Playtesters!

After a long hiatus due to hardware problems, and a slight diversion
to the WCFL project, the Privateer: The Reckoning mod for Freelancer
is back on. Most of the work has been completed, with code tightened
up and new features added. All that's left now is the work of
playtesting the thing till the bugs are dead, dead, dead.

That's where you come in. We need beta testers to inform us exactly
where the problems are in the mod, since one person with a day job
programming the mod in his spare time can't possibly find them all. If
you've played Reckoning before, you'll find new ships (the Bearcat,
Panther and Hades) and weapons (Stormfire and Dragonfly). If you
haven't, give it a try!

If you're interested, contact . With work shifting
to the Epsilon Sector mod, this will very likely be the among the
final versions of Reckoning set in Gemini. Now may be your last chance
to be part of the greatest Wing Commander Privateer Total Conversion
for Freelancer ever!
Wing Commander FL v2.7 has been released!
Barring any undetected bugs, work is proceeding on Wing Commander FL-Epsilon.
Ships and Stations have been repaired, and are ready to go!
A new list of factions, including the new, "Union of Border Worlds," are completed.
All of the DLL's have been updated, and work on several new weapons is under way.
The Reaper Cannon, a high-speed Ion gun is done, as is the Steltek gun.
The Steltek ships are temporarily in the mod, but will be very random encounters, if they stay in.
Proposed additions include the Stormfire & Stormfire Mk II guns, the Flak Gun, Dragonfly Rocket Pod, and possibly the Scatter gun.
(The Scatter gun may not be doable in Freelancer, but I'll check it out.)
I've been scouring the internet for information on the Epsilon Sector, and believe I have enough to get started.
Except for the K'Hotan system, which isn't accessible from any other system in Epsilon, I plan on recreating the entire sector.
To make things a bit more interesting, I plan on having the more profitable mining operations in Kilrathi space, and the highest fees for refined goods will be aboard the many small outposts along, and beyond, the frontier.
The primary goal of "Wing Commander FL-Epsilon" is to push the "Privateer: The Reckoning" experience right to the edge!
The Reckoning's Gemini sector is on the edge of nowhere, while "Wing Commander FL-Epsilon's" smack in the middle of it.
There'll be Border World's bases friendly with Kilrathi, and those friendly with Confed.
I want to make "Wing Commander FL-Epsilon" a sort of "shady side of war" kind of a mod.
I'm still hoping to add a few more ships, and stations, but that depends on my sources.
Wish me luck!

- warzog