Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wing Commander FL
This latest release in the Reckoning series of mods may seem like a step backwards, but in terms of stability and playability it is a huge step forward. Development on the main Reckoning mod has, sadly, temporarily halted, as noted in the last post - but a new mod has come to take up the flag.

Wing Commander FL takes the primary features of Reckoning - the ships, weapons, and equipment unique to the Wing Commander/Privateer universe - and plants them in the main campaign of Freelancer. That is to say, you can play the Nomad story of Freelancer with Wing commander ships, guns and shields.

I'll let, warzog, lead developer, take it up from here:

Development of this mod came about while working on the old "Privateer: The Reckoning." That project had several bugs in it that I've been wanting to fix, and I had a couple of new and improved models.

Unfortunately, I soon began getting bug reports that were almost identical to many of the ones from The Reckoning. I decided to eliminate the ship-related bugs before proceeding any further. With a crew of beta testers, we've managed to hunt down all of the glitches that we could find.

This resulted in changing many of the ships' hardpoints, adding missing hardpoints, eliminating one of the new models, and the unfortunate removal of the TCS Vesuvius. Along the way, weapons and equipment were converted over to Wing Commander gear, some Wing Commander/Privateer music was added, a new AI was developed, the ship's explosions have been reworked, and the missions have been modified to work with the Wing Commander ships.

Currently, there are only two known issues with the mod, and they're both unavoidable:

1) Sometimes, when docking with the Carriers, your ship will bang about, forever. Simply fly past one end and try again.
2) On computers without a good graphics card, the top texture of the Bearcat will appear white.

You can grab the mod here! Don't forget to delete your savegames to ensure a clean and uncorrupted install.


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